Webhosting: Setup & Transfer


After initial analysis and acceptance of the proposed solution by the client, NE Computer Solutions will devise a setup plan. This plan will be fully disclosed to the client and will include a timeline for completion. During this step in the process NE Computer Solutions will prepare a server for hosting the new website.

All the services, databases, and required software will be configured & tested.

Transfer of Website, Domain, and Email

After the server has been setup, NE Computer Solutions will provide the client with a transfer plan. This plan will detail how the site will be migrated to one of NE Computer Solutions' servers. This will include information regarding email migration, DNS migration and configuration, uploading of the website to the new server, and a timeline.

Sometimes development or changes to the website might be needed in order to properly migrate the website and services to the new server. If changes are required or suggested they will be explored in the evaluation phase of this process, agreed upon in the contract for hosting, and included in the transfer plan.

In certain situations it is impossible to avoid all downtime. NE Computer Solutions will schedule downtime with our client to minimize service disruption. A timeline that explains when changes will happen and explaining any required downtime will be provided before this part of the process begins.

Feel free to call us today at 860.243.9896, or visit our contact page if you have any questions or if you would like to get started!

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