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There is bound to come a time when working in your field that you realize that you could save a lot of time and money, and create a much better experience for your clients, if only you had the right program to help you. Maybe you thought of an easier way to register people for an event, a way to streamline a paper process, or a way to connect with your mobile employees. The sky is the limit and we can help!

We work closely with you to design, customize, and develop the application that meets your specifications, goals and ideas. By getting to know your business, and taking the time to plan, we make sure you receive the application you need while still within your budget. Our detailed proposal and quote will show you exactly how the application will integrate with your existing processes, procedures and infrastructure.

The first step in this process (as it always should be in dealing with your technology) is for us to understand you and your business. We do not provide cookie cutter applications. Each application is specifically designed with your needs in mind. We take time to meet with you and carefully engineer a solution that best solves the problems at hand.

Each application developed will require certain hardware to work. We take the time to review your current infrastructure and create an application that works with your current infrastructure. In the case that your infrastructure just wont cut it, we can help you improve your infrastructure to provide the most appropriate solution to the problem. See our IT Support page for details.

For web based applications we can provide a hosted solution, including a development area. We can take care of all the aspects of getting a web based application up and running for you, including Merchant Accounts, SSL Certificates, Domain Names, and DNS. See our Web Hosting page for details.

We plan for the future, and you will be happy we did. Every piece of software we create is modularized and can be updated to suite your changing needs. Your software won't sit on a shelf and get dusty. Software has a life cycle, and we will be there through the entire process.

You know your business better than anyone else, and we know ours. You don't have to have a technical background to get the application you desire. Bring your dreams, ideas and goals, leave the technical details to us. We'll show you how the application will integrate with your day to day business activity, and we'll explain it without fancy buzz words or technospeak. You'll fully understand the application before we begin development. We'll speak your language, we'll learn your business, and we'll deliver a supported product that meets your time and cost budgets.

Have an idea for an application? Let's meet, no cost, no obligation, only success.

Feel free to call us today at 860.243.9896, or visit our contact page if you have any questions or if you would like to get started!

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